Sunday, April 13, 2008

Immerse Yourself With The World's Greatest Legends

If you want to achieve success beyond your wildest dream, perhaps there is no faster and better way than to learn from those who already have.

I recently got a book called "A Life on Fire - Living Your Life with Passion, Balance & Abundance". The book featuring Healthy Wealthy nWise Magazine interviewing 9 of the world's foremost living legends in today's era. When I say world's foremost, you could expect no less than the caliber of Brian Tracy and Robert Allen.

I have followed some of their success stories and I always be amazed. My craziest dream was so small compared to what they have accomplished. Read this book if you want to know a small fraction of their life, passion and dreams...

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Robert G. Allen

“Send me to any city. Take away my wallet. Give me $100 for living expenses. And in 72 hours, I’ll buy an excellent piece of real estate using none of my own money.”

Challenged by an L.A. Times reporter to live up to his claim, he flew to San Francisco, and under the reporter’s watchful eye, proceeded to buy 6 properties in 57 hours.

Most people assume that “It takes money to make money.” Bob believes, and demonstrates, that the source of true wealth is an internal reservoir of passion, persistence, and powerful systems. Without question Robert Allen is the unparalleled expert in showing average people how to go from a little to a lot in a short period of time.

T. Harv Eker

Starting with a $2,000 loan on his credit card, T. Harv Eker went from zero to millionaire in less than two and a half years. After years of building successful businesses, Harv now teaches some of the most powerful and transformational courses in the world which over 200,000 people have attended. He says: "we all have a 'blueprint' for either success or failure, for wealth or poverty". In this interview, you’ll learn how to change your “financial blueprint” to create the success you want in your life.

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy, one of America’s leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. Best selling author of more than 28 books (by the time you read this, Brian will certainly have written one or two more), he speaks to over 450,000 people a year. You will love his straightforward answers to the questions in this interview, and the simple, powerful advice he gives which you can put to use immediately.

Live your dream!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Bullet-Proof Commitment is the Essence of Your Personal Success

Having goals to make your life, the way that you want it is important. You should think about the different levels of success that you want and how far you are willing to go after them. Think about all the different methods you can come up with so that you are using your best interest to be as successful as possible.

But you must first make a clear distinction between being interested and being committed. Being interested means you do it when you are comfortable while being committed means you go through no matter what, no excuse. Being committed is going to be something that anyone who is serious about his or her success should do. You need to be committed in life to thinking about all the different strategies that you can work up. Are you are able to be strong and determinate in life to be a huge success? If so then, you are ready to take the next step in life. This step is going to be one that takes you over the top and gives you the ability to be as successful as possible.

There is nothing in life that you cannot do. All you really need in life is to have an unshaken determination and a 'rhino' personality. You should always be ready for what you need to do. Having goals is one way to make sure that you have the power to be a huge success and able to make dreams happen. Your dreams are very crucial to your happiness and all the goals that you have. Without goals, you are going to be a sad and very unstable person.

Being goal oriented is going to make you appreciate everything that you do in life. You should always think about the things that you do and how they are going to affect your life. Are you doing everything that you can to be as successful as possible? Make sure that you are doing all that you can to stay on top of what you need to do. If you plan something, the best thing that you can do is stick to it. You have to make sure that you are trying your best to bring all of your goals to the front of the line and make them happen for you. Make your commitment bullet-proof!

Commitment to everything you do is going to be especially important. You should work hard at what you are doing and keep an open mind to all of the possibilities in life. Choose your thoughts carefully and be willing to go to the next step. You should always work hard and think about what is most important to you. There is nothing that can stop you when you have the right thoughts jammed into your head and thinking about it all the time. You will find more satisfaction in your life when you are sure of what is going on and how hard you have to work.

Others will see your commitment and what you are doing. Once you are recognized for all your hard work and determination, you are going to feel great about what you have achieved. You are going to have more success and know that you did what you had to in order to be a great success story in the end. Do not hesitate to be sure, of what you want in life. When you are setting goals and making commitments to certain things in life, you are the one that is going to be in control and choose what you do next.

Remember goals can be made everyday. You are the one that is going to be able to choose your goals and everything that you do. Make sure that you have something in mind for your life and then go after it. Do not let anyone stand in your way of making your dreams work for you and go after each and everyone. There is no stopping you when you keep all the power within yourself and use your goals to keep you committed to what is most important.

Live your dream!

Friday, March 28, 2008

7 Secrets to be a Champion Prospector in Network Marketing

Prospecting is a business-level strategy that seeks innovation by finding and exploiting new product and market opportunities. But it does not stop just there, a prospector then bring about this news to the whole world to be known. As a network marketer, this is the number one skill that you need in order to build a huge and fast downline.

When you are prospecting, you are telling your potential downline about your network marketing company and then influencing them to join. There are seven secrets that most successful prospector always abide in:

  1. Sell Yourself, Not Your Opportunity
    Unless you are promoting a product or an opportunity that everyone already know about and has great reputation, you should never talk much about the technical things or compensation plans. This is crucial in network marketing as people generally do not know about your opportunity at all.

    The only probability that the potential downline will join is determined by how you can make them believe that you are truly benefiting from this company. Speak more about you and how you are able to gain profits from the company. When people believe you, they will put their trust in your company as well.

  2. Always be Opening
    Be vulnerable to anything your potential customers want to know. Explain everything about the opportunity openly. Do not be closing, because it gives an impression that you are hiding something. And something that is hidden usually bad. Have faith in the company yourself and find out all about it so you can always asnwer any question.

  3. Never Prejudge
    Before prospecting, you might think about the person you are about to talk to. This might lead you to prejudge and then leave this person if you think he/she will not be interested. Do not limit your audience, allow everyone to know about the opportunity. Everyone loves to get more money, period.

  4. Shotgun vs Sniper
    Shotgun covers wider range but the impact is weak. This is the common mistake that a prospector made; talk to many at the same time. Sniper means one-hit-one-kill, this is what you need as the measure of success in the number of people joining, not the number of people hearing. Pick a few then keep in touch with them about their decision-making process.

  5. Be Offensive
    Eagerly explain your opportunity. Act as if it is the biggest opportunity that you have ever stumbled upon (and it should honestly be one of your best at least). People will get excited when you are excited yourself.

  6. Talk Less, Listen More
    Most average or below average prospectors usually spend 80% of the time in talking. But a champion prospector do the opposite. Set 20% of your time for explaining the opportunity and save the other 80% for Q&A sessions. Everyone has their own curiosity, so let them ask what they want to know. It also shows that you are not just merely another salesman they often encounter before.

  7. Be a Record Breaker
    You will never succeed until you have a clear goal of how high you want to be. Check the current records made by other marketers in your company. Usually they will provide
    you with number of downline he/she produced last month or last year. This will be YOUR limit to break for this month or this year.

To be a champion does not necessarily mean have to be an overnight process. The process will take a long time depends on your effort and determination. Just one thing to keep in mind though, you can't fail unless you quit. Be a thick-skinned rhino and let nothing may stop you from reaching your goals.

Remember, winner never quits and quitter never wins.

Live your dream!

Monday, March 24, 2008

"The Secret" and the Science of Getting Rich

Have you heard of the DVD called "the Secret"? Well it isn't such a secret anymore. The DVD was released in March 2006 and according to Time Magazine, the DVD has sold 500,000 units within the first 6 months. Today it sells well over 5,000 copies a day! It ranked in Amazon's Top-5 sellers during Christmas week; and a tie-in hardcover book just entered the Top 10 on the New York times bestseller list.
The amazing thing about "the Secret" is that you won't find it in your local Blockbuster or Barnes and Noble, it is selling briskly through new-age bookstores, New Thought churches like Unity and AGape and the official website at "It's become the biggest selling item in the 30-year history of our store," says Harmony Rose Allor, a buyer at West Hollywood's popular metaphysical bookshop, The Bodhi Tree. it is "word-of-mouth" marketing at it best.

So what is the secret to "the Secret's" success? It's is a "transformational movie", where a person's view on life and the laws of life will no longer be the same after watching this movie. In a sense, it has created the same kind of effect as "the Da Vinci Code" and the 2004 hit cult movie "What the Bleep Do We Know". The movie has created such waves that it has already been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live and the Ellen DeGeneres show.

At the core of the movie is a central philosophy called "the Law of Attraction". In fact, the movie itself was inspired by this very same law when the producer read a book called "the Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles. This books was written in 1910!

This philosophy states that we create our reality, both good and bad! The message is delivered through 24 "teachers" which include prosperity preachers, chiropractic healers, relationship gurus, life coaches and motivational speakers — into one clear, cohesive voice. The movie is a "must watch" for anyone interested in taking charge of their life and in creating the life of their dreams.

Following on the success of the Secret, 3 of the core teachers - namely Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield have collaborated to produce a wealth building program called "the Secret Science of Getting Rich Seminar". This program is based on the book that inspired the movie and is set to make history as the fastest selling personal development program in history.

What is the Science of Getting Rich about? Well in the words of Wallace D. Wattles, "The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way. Those who do things in this certain way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich. Those who do not do things in this certain way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, remain poor. It is a natural law that like causes always produce like effects. Therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in this certain way will infallibly get rich." The Science of Getting Rich is all about teaching how to do things in this "certain" way to create wealth.

The success of this program is built on several rock solid foundations. These factors include: the phenomenal success of "the Secret", the timeless concepts from the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, the credibility of successful personal improvement teachers and New Thought leaders of our time, and the Internet as the distribution medium.

Click here to learn more about the Secret of Getting Rich Seminar and it's affiliate program.


Live your dream!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Great Report on Law of Attraction

If you know about "The Secret" and you watched the DVD before, you'd know exactly how powerful the Law of Attraction can be in positively changing your life. And if you're a BIG fan of "The Secret", well... I've got some great news for you!

I've managed to obtain a special interview done with Bob Proctor where he reveals how you can use the Law of Attraction to achieve your goals and become a success in life. If you recall, Bob was heavily featured in "The Secret" and he is most famous for his Science of Getting Rich program.

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This special interview is in a 21-page PDF report and it's yours to download, absolutely FREE.

Hope you enjoy the read!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Famous Law of Attraction Teachers

According to the Law of Attraction, all things are possible to those who can believe and visualize them. Different speakers and writers have slightly different takes on the basic principles of the Law of Attraction. These famous Law of Attraction personalities have a lot to say about the subject.

One Law of Attraction speaker and teacher is Jack Canfield. Most people know of his Chicken Soup for the Soul, etc. books. He has also been teaching success strategies to people and businesses for three decades.

If you listen to Canfield, you will accept that your thinking, feelings, and actions will work together to make your life what it is. This will happen if you are in a good state of being or a bad one. You get what you put out there. That's the Law of Attraction.

The Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith has been working with a spiritual version of the Law of Attraction since 1986. It was then that he started up the Agape Center. This center is something like a church, but is not exactly one.

The Agape Center is built around the concept that if you want good things for the world, you will help to make them happen. This could happen when you suddenly get an inspiration to do something to help people. His goal is to make the world a better place by using principles such as the Law of Attraction.

There is one man, Dr. Joe Vitale, who takes a rather hard line on the Law of Attraction. He is of the opinion that you bring to yourself all that happens to you. This can be a horrible wreck or a fire. It doesn't matter. If it's in your life, you created it. Of course, he gives credit for the good things you bring yourself as well.

An interesting character in the study of the Law of Attraction is Dr. Fred Alan Wolf. This man has been studying theoretical physics for over forty years. His specialty now is quantum physics and how it relates to the mind. He studies this with the Law of Attraction in mind. He also won a National Book Award in 1982 for Taking the Quantum Leap, which is based on this type of study.

There is a therapist that is fairly well known for her work with the Law of Attraction. Her name is Jayne Payne. She sees patients who are bogged down in the misery of their past. All they can see is what they need. She helps them to forget that and believe in what they want by using the Law of Attraction.

Esther and Jerry Hicks have written several books on the subject of the Law of Attraction. They have made names for themselves by speaking for a being of sorts they call Abraham-Hicks. To some, it sounds a little unusual, but others feel enlightened by the books.

Jerry first became interested in related subjects. Then, Esther eventually followed his lead. Soon, they were completely involved in the movement. Now, the Hickses teach seminars and lecture. Of course, they continue to write works on the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction has been an important source of discussion for many years. Before it was ever thought about in the way it is now, it was referred to by great leaders for centuries. There is an abundance of people willing to speak of it now. So, it is certain that the concept will live on for generations to come.

Live your dream!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Gratitude and the Law of Attraction

If the Law of Attraction works, you will surely be grateful for all that you receive as a result of practicing it. Life will be easier and more abundant. However, you actually need to start out with a feeling of gratitude before you can expect good things to come. This is what the Law of Attraction is about. When you believe fantastic things are already happening for you, you will be grateful. According to the Law of Attraction, it is important to believe. Furthermore, being grateful for something you believe is happening sends out positive vibrations into the universe. This brings the good things to you by way of the Law of Attraction.

Without even thinking of the future, you can use the Law of Attraction to draw the positive things to you. If you are thankful for the things in your life, you will be focused in on the good energy inherent in your grateful mind. The Law of Attraction is evident in the way being grateful brings you more to be grateful for. Think of the way things snowball, both the good and the bad. You might wake up in a bad mood because you resent a noisy neighbor for keeping you up late. If you let that bad mood win out, more negative things will continue to happen to you all day long. When you consider the Law of Attraction, you will see why this happens.

If, however, you brush off the bad feelings and replace them with gratitude you will be surprised at how much better your day will go. Use the Law of Attraction to help you along. You may be thankful that you woke up beside your loving spouse, or you might be grateful that you have a job to go to. Whatever it is, the Law of Attraction will make it work for you.

So, the Law of Attraction works on a system of gratitude and reward. You need a way to remind yourself to always be grateful for the good things in your life. Some people set aside a certain time each day to list the things they're thankful for. They might compile them in a journal and look over them all from time to time.

The Law of Attraction is built on good habits. You can carry some sort of talisman. It can be anything from a rock to a coin. It can be anything you will handle daily. Some people put these items in their pockets. Some put them on a string around their necks. The idea is that every time you touch it, you feel gratitude. If at all possible, you express that gratitude to others. Your mind will become geared towards thinking in terms of what you are thankful for. This will allow the Law of Attraction to do its work.

Your mind controls who and what you are. According to the Law of Attraction, it can also change what you have. This may be material possessions, relationships, or health. If you are in a mindset of gratitude, you are in a position to make the Law of Attraction bring to you all that you desire.

Live your dream!

Accelerate Your Attraction
The Science of Getting Rich - Bob Proctor & Jack Canfield