Friday, March 28, 2008

7 Secrets to be a Champion Prospector in Network Marketing

Prospecting is a business-level strategy that seeks innovation by finding and exploiting new product and market opportunities. But it does not stop just there, a prospector then bring about this news to the whole world to be known. As a network marketer, this is the number one skill that you need in order to build a huge and fast downline.

When you are prospecting, you are telling your potential downline about your network marketing company and then influencing them to join. There are seven secrets that most successful prospector always abide in:

  1. Sell Yourself, Not Your Opportunity
    Unless you are promoting a product or an opportunity that everyone already know about and has great reputation, you should never talk much about the technical things or compensation plans. This is crucial in network marketing as people generally do not know about your opportunity at all.

    The only probability that the potential downline will join is determined by how you can make them believe that you are truly benefiting from this company. Speak more about you and how you are able to gain profits from the company. When people believe you, they will put their trust in your company as well.

  2. Always be Opening
    Be vulnerable to anything your potential customers want to know. Explain everything about the opportunity openly. Do not be closing, because it gives an impression that you are hiding something. And something that is hidden usually bad. Have faith in the company yourself and find out all about it so you can always asnwer any question.

  3. Never Prejudge
    Before prospecting, you might think about the person you are about to talk to. This might lead you to prejudge and then leave this person if you think he/she will not be interested. Do not limit your audience, allow everyone to know about the opportunity. Everyone loves to get more money, period.

  4. Shotgun vs Sniper
    Shotgun covers wider range but the impact is weak. This is the common mistake that a prospector made; talk to many at the same time. Sniper means one-hit-one-kill, this is what you need as the measure of success in the number of people joining, not the number of people hearing. Pick a few then keep in touch with them about their decision-making process.

  5. Be Offensive
    Eagerly explain your opportunity. Act as if it is the biggest opportunity that you have ever stumbled upon (and it should honestly be one of your best at least). People will get excited when you are excited yourself.

  6. Talk Less, Listen More
    Most average or below average prospectors usually spend 80% of the time in talking. But a champion prospector do the opposite. Set 20% of your time for explaining the opportunity and save the other 80% for Q&A sessions. Everyone has their own curiosity, so let them ask what they want to know. It also shows that you are not just merely another salesman they often encounter before.

  7. Be a Record Breaker
    You will never succeed until you have a clear goal of how high you want to be. Check the current records made by other marketers in your company. Usually they will provide
    you with number of downline he/she produced last month or last year. This will be YOUR limit to break for this month or this year.

To be a champion does not necessarily mean have to be an overnight process. The process will take a long time depends on your effort and determination. Just one thing to keep in mind though, you can't fail unless you quit. Be a thick-skinned rhino and let nothing may stop you from reaching your goals.

Remember, winner never quits and quitter never wins.

Live your dream!

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