Thursday, February 21, 2008

Taking 100% Responsibility

What will you say when you fail your math test? Most will answer: "Math is tough, that's why I fail.", "The teacher did not explain clearly, I can't understand a thing." or "The questions were difficult, it was totally out of my league." Can you see the pattern? All of the above are the acts of blaming anyone or anything except themselves. They think that anything bad happened to them is not their fault, they are playing the role of victims.

Few others will answer completely different. "I fail because I was not prepared well.", "I couldn't remember the formula because I was lazy.", "I did not understand a thing because I did not look for more information." They all take 100% responsibility of what happened to them, they fail because they only reap what they sow.

Now, there are two types of mindsets that distinguish champions and losers. One is the mindset. The winner responsible of anything going on in his/her life. I success because I deserve it, and I fail because I lack something. The other is the victim mindset. If anything bad happen, it will instantly blame others. It's like there are something greater out there that make the victims be who they are now.

The victim mindset is destructive! It makes you think that you are under control of some greater powers and can not do anything. You will never take actions to make things better. The opposite, winners, thinks that nothing else is responsible for their current state, they are fully in charge of their life. They will take actions if there is a room for improvements, because they are sure it is totally up to them to be a better person, to advanced in career and to live life to the fullest!

Create your winner mindset now. Let no one or nothing may prevents you from reaching your goals.

Live your dream!

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